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Fertility and Sterility Journal Club Global is an interactive online discussion of a hot topic or seminal article from Fertility and Sterility. Our goal is to have experts in the field interact with each other, and to create an interactive experience for those who are registered to view the event.

NEW JOURNAL CLUB GLOBAL: Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: Can non-invasive approaches based on spent medium analysis replace classical trophectoderm biopsy?

PGT-A by trophectoderm biopsy aims to select available euploid embryos for transfer. While the clinical efficacy of PGT-A remains debated in the scientific literature, the possibility to conduct non-invasive PGT-A (ni-PGTA) has emerged from finding that acellular DNA can be collected in the spent culture medium and through blastocele aspiration. Efforts were thus developed to determine the genetic constitution of embryos from an analysis of acellular DNA collected in the spent medium.

Accuracy of Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies

One of the highest aspirations in reproductive medicine is to develop a technology allowing for identification of those embryos that have true reproductive potential. The rapid proliferation of PGT-A raises some obvious questions. Does PGT-A result in the discard of embryos with significant reproductive potential? Does the trophectoderm (TE) biopsy decrease the ability of the blastocyst to implant? The answers to these questions relate to the potential for PGT-A to improve clinical outcomes, that is, improve delivery rates, reduce multiple births, and reduce spontaneous abortion.

¿Cual debe de ser la primera línea de tratamiento en parejas con infertilidad inexplicable en Latino-América?

La infertilidad inexplicable es vista entre 15% y 30% de las parejas que acuden a una clínica de fertilidad. La inseminación intrauterina (IIU) es ampliamente utilizada como una alternativa de tratamiento de bajo costo, y menos invasiva que la fertilización in Vitro (FIV) para parejas con infertilidad inexplicable. Sin embargo, en algunos países se considera que después de 2 años de manejo expectativo, FIV es el tratamiento a seguir, y no IIU con o sin inducción de la ovulación.

Recurrent Implantation Failures in ART: Myth or Reality?

Classically, implantation failures in ART were believed to result from alterations in embryo or endometrium quality. The advent of PGT-A has allowed for the transfer of only genetically normal embryos. However, not all euploid embryos implant, which leads us to question the role played by the endometrium. Several tests have been designed to assess receptivity, but none are fully validated.

Does the Endometrium Play a Major Role in Endometriosis-Associated Infertility?

This was a virtual event in the style of the "Fertile Battle" debate that took place at the 2019 SREI Fellows Symposium. The session was broadcast live to the participants of the SREI Fellows Symposium and around the world to registrants. Attendees saw and heard the interaction of the experts and asked questions. Questions were moderated by Drs. Barnhart and Hill, who relayed these questions to the experts. In-session polls were used to gauge audience opinion real-time.

Live from India: Adjuvants in IVF and IVF Add-Ons for the Endometrium

Many adjuvants have been utilized by IVF centers to improve their success rates. No high-quality randomized trial has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of these interventions in clinical settings. Proponents of using these technologies believe that couples are losing time until evidence is collected. While opponents object to their indiscriminate use, and they believe it is unethical to use them until evidence is available. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop robust well-designed RCTs to address all aspects of these interventions.

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