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Mental Health Professional counseling an infertile couple

Education for Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals experience significant challenges when working in reproductive medicine. The competence required to practice in this area does not carry over from other mental health care settings. 

Training modules developed by ASRM and its Mental Health Professional Group (MHPG) teach treatment interventions that take into consideration the scientific, medical, ethical, and psychological aspects of infertility treatments, which must be adapted specifically for infertility patients. 

Improve your practice with self-directed modules that enhance your knowledge of reproductive care while expanding your understanding of the ethical issues surrounding reproductive health and family building.*    

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Education for Mental Health Professionals

*Completion of the MHPG Training Modules or any of their components does not provide credentials or certification to practice as a mental health professional in the assisted reproductive technology setting.
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Mental Health Professional Training Module: Basic Infertility

The Basic Infertility Course is the first in a series of training modules for mental health professionals counseling in the field of assisted reproductive technology.
Let's Talk Mental Health Treatment Interventions course teaser

Treatment Interventions for Mental Health Professionals

A program for mental health professionals addressing treatment interventions, ethics, fertility preservation, and research in assisted reproductive technology
Couple and pregnant woman share a heartfelt moment

Counseling for Contemporary Family-Building

Training that addresses mental health professionals’ counseling considerations surrounding third-party reproduction, diverse patient populations, and genetics

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Mental Health Professional Group

The Mental Health Professional Group is a group of professionals within the ASRM dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of psychological and emotional aspects of reproductive health.

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Mental Health Coding for Donor Recipients

Coding by Mental Health Professionals Conducting Psychoeducational Consultation for Recipients of Donated Gametes and Embryos compiled by the MHPG and ASRM Coding Committee

View the Coding Guidance
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Coding Summary: Mental-health Services During Assisted Reproduction

A summary of codes for Mental-health Services During Assisted Reproduction compiled by the ASRM Coding Committee

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