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Research: Sunshine Can Boost Success Rate of In-vitro Fertilization by One-Third

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 30, 2015

A Belgian researcher has found that exposure to sunshine can help women become pregnant through in-vitro fertilization.

Lawmakers Move To Ban Funding For Human Embryo Editing

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 30, 2015

On June 17, the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee released a bill that outlines the funding for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 2016. But the bill has an unusual caveat: if it passes as it currently stands, it would bar the agency from spending any money to assess research or clinical applications for products that manipulate the human genome. It would also require the agency to set up a committee to review a forthcoming report that considers the ethics of editing human embryos.

UK’s National Sperm Bank ‘Recruits Just Five Donors’

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 30, 2015

Demand from mothers for donors of the same religion adds to fertility crisis in some communities

The Best Way to Stop Men Making Babies

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 30, 2015

Contraception may traditionally be seen as women’s responsibility, but it may make more sense—financial included—to focus on men.

Ten Things To Know When Your Gay Family And Friends Undergo IVF

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 29, 2015

Gay couples undergo in vitro fertilization to conceive for infertility, and have for decades. In general the experience is very similar to that of any couple or individual undergoing IVF.

Fertility Experts Divided Over Benefits of Freezing eggs Cryogenically

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 29, 2015

Public broadcaster NHK aired a current affairs program on fertility in 2012 that caused a stir nationwide. Titled “The Impact of Aging Eggs,” the program warned viewers that women in their 30s and 40s were flirting with disappointment by delaying any attempt to conceive until they are older.

Medical Experts Talk Kim Kardashian, Sex Selection, And The Fear Of ‘Designer Babies’

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 29, 2015

Kim had just announced that she and Kanye were expecting a second child, a boy conceived through In Vitro Fertilization. Kim reportedly had only male embryos implanted; as you may have heard, she and Kanye already have a girl. Now they’re having a boy. (Update: Kardashian has since denied those reports, though she has confirmed she’s expecting a boy.)Steinberg founded The Fertility Institute in 1986. The technology rumored to be utilized by the Kardashian-Wests isn’t brand new, he pointed out — sex-selection is about 20 years old, IVF near 35 — but “people call us up, and they can’t believe it’s available.” After the Kim and Kanye news came out, the center was “blitzed” by calls, Steinberg said.

Why Doctors Aren't Giving You the Fertility Tests They Should Be

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 26, 2015

For most gynecologists, the lack of communication is due in part to the fact that health insurance doesn't reimburse doctors for spending more time talking to their patients. Another factor is that most plans only cover the tests for women over 35 (the full battery costs about $1,000).

Here's How Men Make 200 Million Sperm Every Day

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 26, 2015

Human testes are masters of mass production, spitting out sperm at a rate of 200 million per day. But that doesn’t mean the process is fast–it takes 64 days to make a sperm. The organ keeps the count high with an assembly-line anatomy that scales up sperm development from a trickle to a flood.

US Congress Moves to Block Human-Embryo Editing

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine June 26, 2015

The US House of Representatives is wading into the debate over whether human embryos should be modified to have heritable changes.


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