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Sperm Bank Challenges Parents' Lawsuit Over Donor's Defects

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 30, 2015

A Georgia-based sperm bank said in a court filing Wednesday that a lawsuit accusing it of misrepresenting the medical and social history of a sperm donor is baseless.

Sofia Vergara's Ex Nick Loeb Defends Suit Over Embryos

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 30, 2015

Businessman Nick Loeb is defending his lawsuit to bring to term two frozen embryos he created with actress Sofia Vergara, writing in an opinion piece in the New York Times that, "for as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a parent."

The Other Side of Infertility: I Finally Joined the Elusive Mommy Club, But Did I Really Belong?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 29, 2015

I walked along the sidewalk with two other moms I’d recently met, three astride, our newborn babies in strollers in front of us. A jogger approached from the other direction, but none of us made a move, expecting her to go around us on the grass. “You could get out of the way,” she snidely snipped as she passed. I felt bad for our lack of consideration, but one of the moms said, “You never know, maybe she can’t have kids and is taking it out on us.” The other mom agreed, but they didn’t know “us” didn’t really apply to me.

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 29, 2015

It was not all that long ago a woman would choose to have her fallopian tubes “tied” being absolutely sure her baby making years are over and they were, in fact ... truly over. Today, that has changed and women can once again get pregnant. There are two procedures to assist her. As a physician who practices fertility medicine, I am fortunate to have at my disposal both accepted techniques to help women who lament their tubal ligation — Tubal Reversal Surgery or In Vitro Fertilization. Each process has its own benefit, success rate and risks. I’d like to share my thoughts about how I approach these patients.

Widow Wins Right to Preserve Dead Husband's Frozen Sperm

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 29, 2015

A Canadian widow has won the right to save her dead husband's sperm from being destroyed by a Canberra fertility clinic.

Bill Seeks to Expand Coverage for Hawaii Fertility Law

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 28, 2015

A proposal in Hawaii's Legislature would expand a state mandate on fertility treatments to include same sex couples and single women, updating a law that now only offers such benefits to women who are married to men.

Millennial Women are the Slowest to Have Babies of Any Generation in U.S. History

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 28, 2015

Millennial women are the slowest to have kids of any generation in U.S. history. But don't blame increasingly popular fertility innovations like egg freezing. Career ambitions appear to play a lesser role in delaying parenthood than a sputtering economy, according to a new study from the Urban Institute.

U.S. Top Court Throws Out Obamacare Contraception Ruling

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 27, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday revived religious objections by Catholic groups in Michigan and Tennessee to the Obamacare requirement for contraception coverage, throwing out a lower court decision favoring President Barack Obama's administration.

New Report Shows Insurers Are Falling Short on Covering Contraception

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 27, 2015

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires contraception to be covered by your insurance plan without a copay. Yet many women still face serious obstacles getting their contraception of choice covered—and not just those who work for conservative employers. A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that a lot of insurers are interpreting the coverage mandate in ways that limit women's access to certain forms of contraception, especially the vaginal ring, emergency contraception, and the IUD.

Gene Editing Technique Offers Hope for Hereditary Diseases

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine April 24, 2015

Salk Institute researchers have developed a potential therapeutic avenue for preventing the transmission of mitochondrial diseases by selectively eliminating those mutations from eggs or early embryos.


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