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These guidelines have been developed to assist physicians with clinical decisions regarding the care of their patients. They are not intended to be a protocol to be applied in all situations, and cannot substitute for the individual judgment of the treating physicians based on their knowledge of their patients and specific circumstances. The recommendations in these guidelines may not be the most appropriate approach for all patients. Medical science and ethics are constantly changing, and clinicians should not rely solely on these guidelines. Practice Committee documents become operational at the time of publication.

Types of Practice Guidelines:

  • Committee Opinion offers consensus-based (or evidence-based when there is sufficient evidence available) guidance relative to a given practice activity. This guidance, in addition to scientific and clinical information, may take into account issues of ethical and financial concerns.

  • Technical Bulletin is a brief presentation of a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, with selected references from the literature.

  • An Educational Bulletin is a review of the literature on a subject of clinical importance. It differs from the evidence-based guideline in that it is used when inadequate data of high quality prohibit objective comparisons and clinical recommendations.

  • Position Statement is a brief declaration regarding the status of a practice or procedure, based on committee opinion.

  • Guideline presents a recommended approach to evaluation or treatment but is not intended to describe the only approved standard of practice or to dictate an exclusive course of treatment.

  • Joint Reports are collaborations between the ASRM and other medical societies to create documents of importance to the field of reproductive medicine. These reports are intended to provide medical practitioners with a consensus of principles and strategies for the care of couples, and are based on current professional literature, clinical experience and expert opinion.


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