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New Egg Donor Informed Consent Tool (EDICT) Demonstrates and Documents Prospective Donors’ Understanding

October 23 , 2012
by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
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Embargoed for Release: Monday, October 22, 2012 – 4:45 PM   Pacific Daylight Time

New Egg Donor Informed Consent Tool (EDICT) Demonstrates and Documents Prospective Donors’ Understanding

San Diego, CA - Prospective egg donors must assimilate a great deal of information in the informed consent process, yet it remains difficult to determine the extent of their actual understanding of egg donation and its potential risks.  To address this need, researchers at the University of California San Francisco have developed and are presenting at ASRM’s Annual Meeting a two-part assessment of informed consent effectiveness, the Egg Donor Informed Consent Tool (EDICT).


The instrument uses published informed consent guidelines and information on known risks. This is the first tool to quantify prospective donors’ understanding of oocyte donation and risks. Part I measures donors’ subjective understanding and Part 2, their objective knowledge about egg donation. 

Twenty-two prospective donors in the initial group completed the EDICT after receiving standardized counseling by one of the researchers.  Average scores for both parts fell in the mid-90 percent range and did not differ with the women’s age, education, race or ethnicity.  

“The EDICT demonstrates that egg donors have a good understanding of what the egg donation process involves and what the risks are. These first results are reassuring and EDICT should prove to be valuable means of documenting that the counseling donors receive has been effective,” noted Glenn Schattman, MD, President of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

O-47 Egg Donor Informed Consent Tool (EDICT):  Oocyte Donors’ Understanding as Assessed by a Novel Valid Informed Consent Tool
Skillern et al 

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