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Welcome New Members

It is with great pleasure that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) acknowledges and thanks the following people for their new membership in the Society. 

With the support and participation of members like you, ASRM is able to be a nationally and internationally recognized leader for multidisciplinary information, education, advocacy and standards in the field of reproductive medicine.

Welcome to the Society, and thank you!


Elise Hannan, MSW − Toronto, ON, Canada
Yunjing Xue − Shanghai, China
Yoshita Saneja, MD − Bengaluru South, Karnataka, India
Liana Mohd Nawi, MA − Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Lujain Badr, BSc − Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Sara Philby, MBBS, MSc − Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Winnie Walimbwa, BSc − Kampala, Uganda
Minh Tam Le − Hue, Viet Nam
Irene Acheampong, MSN, RN − Millbury, MA
Angelo Allard, BS − Seattle, WA
Meiqi An, RN − Astoria, NY
Robin Barre − Cleveland, OH
Ali Bass, LMFT, MSc − Fairhope, AL
Michelle Bayefsky, MD − New York, NY
Irish Beckles, LMHC, MA, MS − Orange Park, FL
Keara Bergin, PA − Aliso Viejo, CA
Brittany Berk, MD − Westwood, MA
Jaime Blanchard, CGC, MS − Bigfork, MT
Allison Bosch, MD − Atlanta, GA
Andrea Buery, PA − Oklahoma City, OK
Leeann Bui, MD − San Jose, CA
Maria G. Burelli, BSN, RN − Rockville, MD
Natasha Calleri, BBA, BSN, RNC − Towson, MD
Jillian Carroll, MA, MSc − Lenexa, KS
Sophia Chen, BS − Mountain View, CA
Kayla Choiniere, BSN − Leyden, MA
Karen Coad, LCSW − Burke, VA
Meryl Cook, MSN, RN − Chicago, IL
Mary Daniels, BSN − Morrisville, NC
Heather Davidson, LPC, MA, MEd − Lancaster, PA
Kim Davidson, BS − Little Elm, TX
Caitlin Dieterich, LPC, MS − Northampton, PA
Ashley Duran, BSN − North Arlington, NJ
Maria Fernandez Fanjul, LCSW − LA Jolla, CA
Lydia Figueroa − Staten Island, NY
Elizabeth Francisco, MS − Newark, DE
Vrushti Gandhi, MSc − Fords, NJ
Haley Gomez, NP − Eagle River, AK
Catherine Gu, MD − Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Hanna, BSN − Wakefield, RI
Stephanie Hillis, BSN − Pensacola, FL
Jerusha Hull, LCSW − Sea Girt, NJ
Megan Huster, RN − San Francisco, CA
Mary Ireton, LCSW − Cincinnati, OH
Meaghan Jain, MD − New York, NY
Chelsey Keola, PA − Honolulu, HI
Andrea Kim − Irvine, CA
Aubrey Kingsford − Orem, UT
Christina Kirkwood, MSN, NP, RN − Merrillville, IN
Kristin Kramer, BSN, RNC − Glyndon, MN
Benjamin Kynde, BA − Honolulu, HI
Stephanie Leon, LPC − Westminster, CO
Brittany Lessik, RN − Aston, PA
Wingka Lin, MS − San Francisco, CA
Maryam Lowry, BSN − Richmond Hill, GA
Cassandra Lyons, MD − San Diego, CA
Jennifer Martinson, BA − Fargo, ND
Amanda Mason, MEd − Frederick, MD
Megan McMurray, DO − Springfield, IL
Marenth Medina, BSN − Chicago, IL
Kristen Miller, PA − Norfolk, VA
Merry Kay Montgomery, RN − Fenton, MO
Karen Morgan, BA − West Allenhurst, NJ
Bijan Morshedi, MD − Norfolk, VA
Catherine Nam, MD − Ann Arbor, MI
Diana Olmeda − Chula Vista, CA
Carissa Pekny, MD − Washington, DC
Gabrielle Penley, LCSW, MA − Oak Park, IL
Rachel Rayburn, MS − LA Grange, KY
Erin Rooney, CGC, MS − Fairview, PA
Rita Roper, BSN − Spring Hill, TN
Sarah Rosenberg, MSN − Scarsdale, NY
Chad Service, MD − LA Jolla, CA
Sharon Shepherd, BSc − Louisville, KY
Emily Smith, MSN, NP − Philadelphia, PA
Haley Sowder, NP − Indianapolis, IN
Julie Spence, LMHC − Newburyport, MA
James Stinson, MD − Chicago, IL
Caroline Taylor, LPC, MEd − Birmingham, AL
Rishona Teres, MSN − Winter Park, FL
Amber Theall, MSN, NP − Beaumont, TX
Wende Tracey-Allen, PA − Edgewood, MD
Lindsey Trimarchi, MS, PA − New York, NY
Grace Turgeon, RN − Bend, OR
Chelsee Uhlar, MSN, NP − Elmhurst, IL
Agnes Van Buren, MA − Langhorne, PA
Giselle Vazquez, BSN − Chicago, IL
Rebecca Vonderohe, BSN, RN − Sioux Falls, SD
Natalie Vriesen, CGC, MSc − Detroit, MI
Zachary Werner, MD − Morgantown, WV
Olivia Wernick, LCSW, MPH, MSW − Seattle, WA
Chris Williams, MS, NP − Elk Ridge, UT
Anna Winings, BS − Chicago, IL
Nancy Ye, BA, MD − Santa Monica, CA
Stacey Ziegler, NP − Bozeman, MT

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Welcome New ASRM Members!

It is with great pleasure that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) acknowledges and thanks the following people for their new membership in the Society.

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ASRM Affiiliated Societies are made up of professionals who have special training and expertise in specific areas of reproductive medicine.

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ASRM Professional Groups allow members to network and collaborate with other professionals who have an interest in the field of reproductive medicine.

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ASRM Special Interest Groups provide programming and leadership to physicians and health professionals who have a special interest in a particular area of reproductive medicine.

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ASRM Members can find contact information for other members by visiting ASRM Connect, the new community hub for ASRM membership.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.

Strategic Plan & Initiatives

ASRM has established several strategic goals and initiatives to advance the science and practice of reproductive medicine through education, research, advocacy, and public awareness.
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Board of Directors

The ASRM Board of Directors is committed to advancing the reproductive medicine field and providing patients with high-quality care. The Board works tirelessly to ensure that the organization is meeting the needs of its members and the public.
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History of ASRM

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) is the leading organization worldwide dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine.
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