ASRM Guidelines and ECRI Guidelines Trust

ASRM submits its guidelines for review and inclusion in ECRI Guidelines Trust database (and previously, the National Guidelines Clearinghouse [NCG]).

What is ECRI Guidelines Trust (EGT)?

  • EGT is a database of clinical practice guidelines whose goal is to advance patient care and safety through the promotion of trustworthy guidelines.  Only the most transparent guidelines meet the stringent criteria to be included on the EGT website.  

  • ECRI has 20+ years of experience working with the National Guidelines Clearinghouse (NGC) (now defunded and disbanded) to further the National Academy of Medicine’s Standards for Trustworthy Guidelines through the critical appraisal of practice guidelines against objective principles.

  • EGT provides three materials for each guideline to aid the user determine the quality of the guidelines: Guideline Snapshots, Guideline Briefs, and TRUST Scorecards.  
For more information on the history, development, and purpose of the EGT, visit their website. Note: visiting the EGT link below requires you to create a free login to access.

About ASRM and EGT

  • Inclusion of ASRM guidelines by the EGT database along with TRUST scorecards provides independent external validation of the stringent methods used to produce evidence-based practice guidance of the highest caliber.

  • All current ASRM guidelines are published HERE and each new guideline is evaluated for inclusion.

  • ASRM continually refines its robust methodology to produce trustworthy guidelines. Learn more about ASRM document development.

  • ASRM partnered with EGT when it began in 2019 and with its predecessor the NGC from 2013-2018.

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