The Dobbs Decision: A Statement from ASRM

A letter from Marcelle Cedars, MD, ASRM President:

The words, “Roe is overturned,” while expected, is nevertheless jarring. This decision removes an essential civil liberty that Americans have relied upon for nearly 50 years, one that is well-grounded in the history and best traditions of our country.

The idea that patients’ decisions about their own reproductive health—whether, when, with whom or if, to have a child, are subject to the whims of politicians, and a vocal minority, is unacceptable. Likewise, the ability of physicians to treat their patients using the latest and best, evidence-guided practices and techniques should not be curtailed by elected officials, or un-elected judges.

Decisions about healthcare, particularly reproductive healthcare, should be made by patients and physicians, not by interest groups, religious organizations, politicians, pundits, or Supreme Court Justices.

To our members and their patients, I would say this: this decision is the beginning, not the end of a struggle to protect reproductive autonomy. We will fight this battle in every state capital and in the halls of Congress. We will not rest until every physician is able to provide every one of their patients with the individualized care they need and deserve, even in the face of a powerful minority seeking to impose their own religious or political views. But make no mistake about it, we will need each and every one of you to be fully engaged in the battles ahead. Now is not the time to be a spectator and think someone else will fight this fight. Now is not the time to think, “my state won’t restrict my ability to help my patients,” now is not the time to think, “there is nothing I can do.”

Now is the time to join in our efforts to ensure every patient who needs reproductive care, throughout the reproductive health continuum, has access to build the family they want.

On June 29, 2022, the ASRM Center for Policy and Leadership (CPL) released a report entitled State Abortion Trigger Laws: Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine. Current as of the date of publication, the report provides an overview of states’ abortion trigger laws, together with analysis of potential implications for reproductive medicine, including IVF. Read the report here.

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