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March 2023 Report

Measures to protect reproductive care

Hawaii is another state where protections for both the medical professionals who perform and the patients who seek and obtain abortion care are being considered by lawmakers. Proposals there include legislation that authorizes physician assistants to perform abortions (this measure was approved by the Senate and sent to the House on March 7, 2023 HI SBI SD) , as well as a so-called “abortion shield law” that would shield medical providers and patients against out-of-state subpoenas related to reproductive health care. That proposal would also seek to protect physicians who perform abortions from losing their medical licenses as a result.

State Legislation and Reproductive Medicine

The ASRM Center for Policy and Leadership (CPL) has released reports concerning States' Abortion Laws and their Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine. Current as of the date of publication, the reports provide an overview of states’ abortion laws, together with analysis of potential implications for reproductive medicine, including IVF.

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