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2022 Advocacy Activities

Below are the letters and amicus briefs that ASRM has written or signed to protect reproductive rights and the practice of reproductive medicine.
(Updated 12-31-2022)



Letter to Senate and House leadership urging full funding levels for the Defense Health Research Programs, including the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
Sign-on letter with NWLC to Chairmen Reed and Smith and House and Senate Armed Services Committees, urging them to remain steadfast in their commitment to sexual and reproductive health rights for service members and dependents.
Letter with Association of American Medical Colleges to House and Senate Appropriations Committee leadership, urging swift passage of at least the House Appropriations Committee-passed $47.5 billion for the NIH base budget for FY 2023
Letter to Under Secretary of VA in support of VA IFR (interim final rule) allowing VA to provide abortion care and counseling
Sign on letter with Rep Carolyn Maloney, CRR, EMAA to endorse the Abortion Care Awareness Act of 2022
Sign-on letter with National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association to OMB urging increased funding for Title X, enforcing Medicaid free choice of provider requirement, and expanding access to clinical service related to prevention and treatment of STIs
Sign-on letter with Power to Decide sent to congressional leadership urging them to increase funding for the TPP Program and PREP in FY 2023
Letter to MA Governor Charles Baker in support of H 5090, a gender affirming care and reproductive health protection bill that includes assisted reproduction
Sign-on letter with National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association in support of emergency funding for Title X
Sign on letter with National Partnership for Women & Families in support of including a contraceptive no-copay provision in the FY23 NDAA
Letter to California's Appropriations Committee opposing AB 1896, which would propose a set of regulations for gamete banks
Sign on to a letter with March of Dimes to Health and Human Services asking them to include a reproductive justice component in their 2022 Environmental Justice Strategy and Implementation Plan that would include pregnant people as a protected category.
Sign on to a resolution by NPHRA/Representative Manning in support of contraceptive rights and access on the 57th anniversary of Griswold v Connecticut
Sign on letter with the American Society of Hematology in support of bipartisan legislation in both the House (H.R. 6216) and Senate (S. 3389) which aims to improve comprehensive, outpatient care for individuals in the U.S. living with sickle cell disease (SCD). The bill directs the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to create a demonstration program in up to 10 states to improve access to comprehensive, high-quality, outpatient care, including recommended clinical, mental health, ancillary, and support services, for individuals enrolled in Medicaid with SCD.
Letter to Missouri's Children and Families Committee opposing HB 1991, an abortion ban that would allow people to sue for child custody at any state of fetal and embryonic development
Letter to CO Governor Jared Polis opposing SB 22-224, the Donor Conceived Persons Protection Act
Sign on letter with NIRH to support Rhode Island Equality in Abortion Coverage Act, which would eliminate the existing policy that withholds health care coverage for abortion in the state Medicaid program and associated plans as well as halt the denial of coverage for abortion in the health plan used by state employees.
Letter to Pennsylvania's Senate Committee on Health and Human Services opposing SB 956, a ballot proposal that would amend the constitution to prohibit abortion and define personhood in the state
Sign on letter to support the recommendation of at least $49 billion for the NIH’s base and that any funding for the new ARPA-H, or for other targeted programs like pandemic preparedness, supplement the $49 billion recommendation for NIH’s base budget
Letter to California's Health Committee in support of AB 2516, a bill requiring all state insurance, including Medical, to cover the HPV vaccine without cost sharing
Letter to Missouri's Senate Committee on Seniors, Families, Veterans and Military Affairs opposing SB 778, a medically inaccurate "fetal heartbeat" ban that could prevent physicians from using PGT to test for genetic abnormalities
Letter to Missouri's House Special Committee on Government Oversight and House Committee on Rules - Administrative Oversight opposing HB 2810, a proposed ban on medication abortion
Letter of support for California's AB 2029, insurance law to require health plans to provide coverage for fertility care, IVF.
Letter to Georgia's House Committee on Health and Human Services opposing SB 456, a medically unsound "medical abortion reversal" bill
Letter to Louisiana Senate Committee on Judiciary opposing SB 388, a bill restricting access to medication abortion
Amicus Brief with ACOG on Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota et al v Kristi Noem, Governor et al concerning legislation that would require patients requesting abortions to go through crisis pregnancy centers for misleading information
Letter to Tennessee House Subcommittee on Health in opposition to HB 2416, a medically unsound "medication abortion reversal" bill
Letter to Ohio House Committee on Health in opposition to HB 378, a medically unsound "medication abortion reversal" bill
Amicus Brief with ACOG on Planned Parenthood v Montana concerning three Montana bills that collectively restrict access to abortion by prohibiting abortion starting at 20 weeks and by requiring additional steps prior to receiving an abortion.
Open letter with the Medicaid Family Planning Working Group to the Biden Administration calls on the Biden Administration to enforce the free choice of provider protecions in Medicaid, specifically as they pertain to family planning providers
Sign-on to letter with American Public Health Association to House and Senate Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Committee leaders in support of at least $11 billion for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the FY 2023 Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations bill.
Statement with National Women's Law Center denouncing Texas' officials attacks on transgender youth and their families as an assault on healthcare, bodily autonomy and gender equality
Letter opposing SB 204. SB204 is a "personhood" bill equating an egg at any stage with a fully formed child
Open letter with Planned Parenthood Action Fund to President Biden in advance of President Biden's first State of the Union, this letter urges him to protect and expand abortion access
Letter in support of South Dakota's SB 137, an Act To Establish Gestational Surrogacy Arrangements and Agreements
Letter to oppose a section of IA S529, a fertility fraud bill. Section (1a) makes the crime a sexual offense.
Letter to oppose NY S7602, a fertility fraud bill with unnecessary regulatory burdens.
Letter to oppose S 988. Bill S 988 would make abortion illegal in South Carolina. Hearing for bill 1/26/22
Letter sent with ACOG to Senate from physician groups supporting the Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA). This was done specifically in light of Texas's abortion ban.
Brought S.1975 to a vote and supported its passage with Planned Parenthood Action Fund
Endorsed support with Planned Parenthood Action Fund for key domestic and global reproductive priorities, including funding increases for Title X and international family planning programs, permanent repeal of the global gag rule, ending the ban on D.C.'s use of local funds for abortion coverage and others