ASRM Leadership


Michael A. Thomas, M.D.Michael A. Thomas, M.D.
Paula Amato, M.D.Paula Amato, M.D.
President Elect
Elizabeth Ginsburg, M.D.Elizabeth Ginsburg, M.D.
Vice President


Marcelle I. Cedars, M.D.Marcelle I. Cedars, M.D.
Immediate Past President
Hugh S. Taylor, M.D.Hugh S. Taylor, M.D.
Past President
Jim Toner, M.D., PH.D.Jim P. Toner, Jr., M.D., Ph.D.


Directors At Large

Alan S. Penzias, M.D.Alan S. Penzias, M.D.
Akanksha Mehta, M.D.Akanksha Mehta, M.D.
Ruben Alvero, M.D.Ruben Alvero, M.D.


Lauri A. Pasch, Ph.D..Lauri A. Pasch, Ph.D.
Kim L. Thornton, M.D.Kim L. Thornton, M.D.
Eve Feinberg, M.D.Eve Feinberg, M.D.


Directors (Affiliated Society Representatives)

Sangita Jindal, Ph.D.Sangita Jindal, Ph.D.
James Smith, M.D.James Smith, M.D.
Brad Milette, B.S.Brad Milette, B.S.


Steven L. Young M.D.,Ph.D.Steven L. Young M.D.,Ph.D.
J. Preston Parry, M.D.J. Preston Parry, M.D.


ASRM Executive Team

Visit this page for more information about the ASRM Executive Team:

  • Jared C. Robins, MD, MBA - Chief Executive Officer
  • Chevis N. Shannon, DrPH, MBA, MPH, MERC - Chief Education and Science Officer
  • Lee Pearce - Chief Operations Officer
  • Sean B. Tipton, MA - Chief Advocacy, Policy and Development Officer
  • Daniel Carre, CPA, MBA - Chief Financial Officer

ASRM Committees

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) utilizes several committees to develop resources and publications, as well as support the mission of ASRM.

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Past Presidents

Click Here for a complete list of Presidents who have presided over the American Society for the Study of Sterility founded in 1944, which became the American Fertility Society in 1965, and which was renamed the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 1994.