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Coding for fluid aspiration during HSG

For physician-performed sonoHSG (58340& 76831) and uterine aspiration due to fluid, can an additional code for the aspiration be billed?

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Coding Q&A

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Reimplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue

What is the correct code for laparoscopic reimplantation of ovarian tissue? 
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Billing 58558 together with 58560

Can CPT codes 58558 and 58560 be billed together? Also, can 58560 be billed with place of service 11?
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Coding for aspiration of hydrosalpinx and endometrioma

Surgery was performed under anesthesia for Aspiration of right hydrosalpinx fluid and right endometrioma. Which CPT code would be best to use?
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Surgery was performed under anesthesia for Aspiration of right hyrosalpinx fluid and right endometrioma.

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HyCoSy and CPT 74740

When Office HSG/HyCoSy is performed but no x-ray/fluoroscopic imaging is performed, only ultrasound is done, is it appropriate to bill CPT code 74740? View the Answer
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Q9967 for HSG

When is it appropriate to bill Q9967 for an HSG?  View the Answer
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If the answer is “if you perform the injection of contrast for an HSG at a radiology facility, you can report 58340: introduction of saline or contrast.”  View the Answer
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HSG Denied As Bundled Or Incidental

We are using and was recommended by the rep: 58340, 77002, Q9967, 74740, 99213-25 77002 commonly is being denied as bundled or incidental. View the Answer
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HSG Using Fertility Testing Code

With the new ICD 10 coding it appears that using a code of "fertility testing" rather than infertility is more likely to be covered for HSG procedures. View the Answer
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Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography

What is the appropriate code for HyCoSy? View the Answer
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ASRM position statement on qualifications for providing ultrasound procedures in reproductive medicine (2022)

ASRM affirms that completion of fellowship training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility meets the criteria for requisite education. View the Position Statement