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REI nurse working on laptop

Education for REI Nurses

ASRM offers a suite of professional development courses to support nurses working in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). Together, these courses support REI nurses throughout their work cycle by providing a step-wise curriculum targeted toward their level of experience and educational needs.

Education for Nurse Professionals

REI nurse working on laptop

Nurse Certificate Course in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

For experienced nurses, ASRM offers the Nurse Certificate Course to foster a deeper and more complete understanding and minimize gaps in knowledge to improve patient care and outcomes.

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NRCKS: Nurses in REI Communication, Knowledge, and Skills

NRCKS was created to orient nurses to reproductive health while teaching communication, knowledge, and skills in provider team and patient engagement.

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ARM & NPG National Meeting

The ARM & NPG National Meeting is a unique opportunity for fertility clinic managers, nurses, and advanced practice providers to cross-collaborate, network, and learn in an intimate setting.
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Thousands of doctors, nurses, and other professionals in the field of reproductive medicine are advancing their careers with the latest news, continuing education, discounts and networking opportunities.

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Nurses’ Professional Group

The purpose of the NPG is to foster ASRM's goals within the practice of professional nursing.
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Advanced Practice Provider Professional Group

The Advanced Practice Providers Professional Group provides a forum for ongoing education, training, networking, and community engagement for APPs.

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Basic Infertility for Healthcare Providers

Get up to speed with this one-hour course that teaches you the fundamentals of reproductive anatomy, reproductive hormones, embryo development, preconception health considerations, and infertility evaluation for both male and female patients. FREE for ASRM members!

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