The male sex cells (spermatozoa), which are produced in the testes.

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Gamete And Embryo Donation: Deciding Whether to Tell

Surgical sperm retrieval in men with spinal cord injury (SCI)

Sperm Shape (Morphology): Does It Affect Fertility?

Age and Fertility (booklet)

Recommendations for gamete and embryo donation

Evaluation of the azoospermic male

Sperm retrieval for obstructive azoospermia

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for non-male factor: a committee opinion

Round spermatid nucleus injection (ROSNI)

The clinical utility of sperm DNA integrity testing

Opciones de fertilidad después de la vasectomía

¿Qué es una inyección intracitoplasmática de espermatozoides (ICSI)?

Pruebas diagnósticas para la infertilidad masculina (Diagnostic tests for male infertility)

Riesgos de la fertilización in vitro (Risks of IVF)

Hidrosálpinx (Hydrosalpinx)

Fertility Options after Vasectomy

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Consideration of the gestational carrier

Exposure to toxic environmental agents

Misconduct in third-party assisted reproduction

Morfología (forma) de los espermatozoides: ¿afecta la fertilidad?

Infertility: an overview-Chinese

Third-party reproduction-Chinese

Donación de gametos y óvulos: decidir si o no contar

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