Surgical management of endometriosis in women diagnosed with infertility (Spanish language)

Fertility and Sterility is excited to partner with our global professional colleagues to begin broadcasting regular Journal Club Global events in Spanish. The timing of these events will be targeted to Central and South America, like how our events in Europe are timed to the regional audience. We have scheduled more events in Spanish for 2023 and beyond, both virtual and at in person meetings.

Surgical management of endometriosis is challenging and requires highly skilled surgeons and techniques. The upcoming F&S Spanish Journal Club Global will discuss the video article published in Fertility and Sterility along with its accompanying expert reflection. The meeting includes a group of experts on surgical management of endometriosis, who will discuss two Fertility and Sterility video articles demonstrating techniques to identify and remove deep infiltrating endometriosis and endometriosis located in challenging locations, such as the diaphragm, bladder, or bowel.

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