Obesity & Reproduction: An Update on Management and Counseling

Presented in Partnership with Fertility and Sterility

Obesity can negatively impact reproduction in various ways, including ovulatory and menstrual function, natural fertility and fecundity rates, infertility treatment success rates, infertility treatment safety, and obstetric outcomes. Given the global burden of disease, reproductive care specialists are, thus, confronted with the challenge of treating infertility in the increasingly common setting of obesity.

This Journal Club Global will discuss the recently updated ASRM Practice Committee Opinion “Obesity and Reproduction” recently published in Fertility and Sterility. Since its last update in 2005, several new studies have been published that have increased our understanding of the adverse effects of obesity on human reproduction as well as the therapeutic benefits of lifestyle modification, medical management, and bariatric surgery.

Questions and issues discussed include:
  • How does obesity impair fertility and reproduction?
  • How do we best counsel patients regarding pre-pregnancy weight optimization and associated obstetric risk?
  • What do REI’s need to know about medical and surgical management of obesity?
  • What are the risks associated with performing ART procedures in high BMI individuals?
  • Is there a role for BMI thresholds to restrict/allow infertility treatment?
Emily S. Jungheim, MD
Karl Hansen, MD, PhD
Phillip Romanski, MD
Audrey Gaskins, ScD
Alan Penzias, MD

Micah Hill, DO
Pietro Bortoletto, MD

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