Non-Invasive Embryo Selection Techniques

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The next great frontier in reproductive medicine is how to non-invasively select an embryo with the highest reproductive potential for transfer. While trophectoderm biopsy and PGT has been the mainstay for the last two decades, new techniques such as non-invasive PGT, -omics, and time lapse imaging all have the potential to aid our existing selection paradigms. However, in addition to a strong evidence base, understanding real world technical and implementation challenges are necessary before these techniques are widely adopted.

Join our panel of experts live from the PCRS 2022 Annual Meeting as they discuss these exciting developments in non-invasive embryo selection.

Questions to be addressed include:
• What are the technical challenges associated with ni-PGT-A?
• What is the evidence for evaluation of spent culture media for embryo selection?
• What is the evidence for using time lapse imaging for embryo selection?
• What is the future role of AI in embryo selection?

Jason Franasiak, MD
Paul Lin, MD
Richard Scott, MD

Events Moderator:
Alexander Quaas, MD, PhD

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