Does diminished ovarian reserve impact embryo aneuploidy or live birth rates?

Despite extensive research, it remains unclear whether patients with diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) show poor reproductive outcomes because of their lower ovarian response, or additional qualitative oocyte morbidity which could translate to more genetically unbalanced embryos or other egg factors affecting the developmental potential.

This Journal Club Global discusses the findings of an article recently published in Fertility and Sterility that reports the aneuploidy rates in young women with DOR before treatment and poor ovarian response (POR) post-retrieval.

Hosts Paul Pirtea, Pietro Bortoletto, and Dominique de Ziegler facilitated the discussion following the presentation of the article’s results by authors Yuval Folks and Denis Vaughan. Discussants included Cindy Argento and Shari Mackens, experts in new ART developments.

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