Best Practices of High Performing ART Clinics

Presented in Partnership with Fertility and Sterility

This Fertility and Sterility Journal Club Global discusses February’s seminal article, “Common practices among consistently high-performing in vitro fertilization programs in the United States: a 10 year update.” Experts from Europe and the USA will discuss the article and best ART practices, including Dr. Cristophe Blockeel, Dr. Christian De Geyter, Dr. Amy Sparks, and Dr. Jim Toner.

Topics for discussion include:
  • Common clinical best practices from high performing clinics
  • Common ART laboratory best practices from high performing clinics
  • The role of public ART registries in reporting and improving outcomes
  • Explore global variation in ART practice and outcomes.
This Journal Club Global is hosted by Fertility and Sterility's Dominque de Ziegler (Editorial Editor), Paul Pirtea (Interactive Associate), and Pietro Bortoletto (Interactive Associate-in-Chief).

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