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Beyond the Basics: Complex Topics in Expanded Carrier Screening

Expanded carrier screening (ECS) has become a routine evaluation in the fertility setting. This webinar will dive into some of the more nuanced topics related to ECS that can complicate patient care. These topics will be highlighted using case examples, followed by practical solutions for report interpretation, patient counseling, and additional testing needs.

Expanding Access to Care for Members of the Armed Services and Veterans

This webinar addresses the important reproductive health needs, disparities that exist, and barriers encountered that limit access to care for armed service members and veterans. The expert panel will explain the current pathways for infertility coverage through the TRICARE and VA, eligibility criteria for patients and extent of coverage, as well as identify directions to further expand access.

Ovarian Reserve Testing in the Patient of Unproven Fertility

This webinar will discuss the utility of ovarian reserve testing in the setting of untested fertility. Dr. Marsh will present on the ethnic differences in measures of ovarian reserve and Dr. Su will talk about ovarian reserve as it relates to fertility preservation. Dr. Anne Steiner will moderate.

Challenges In Interpreting Results From Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A)

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce and explore the uses, benefits, and limitations of non-invasive Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (niPGT-A) in laboratory and clinical practice. The webinar will be covering the technicalities and recent studies of niPGT-A, as well as a discussion about the considerations of result interpretation from a laboratory and clinical genetic counselor perspective. Real-world case examples of discordant results between niPGT-A and trophectoderm biopsy PGT-A will be discussed to display limitations of PGT-A technology, so as to best prepare ordering physicians, genetic counselors, and most importantly, patients, about the potential results and their impact in the clinical setting.

Donor Anonymity: Past Promises, Evolving Technologies, and Current Realities

This webinar will address egg, sperm and embryo donation; past anonymity versus the new reality of disclosure or becoming known due to advancing technologies; how intended parents and donors should be counseled in today's environment; the stakeholders we serve; ethical obligations; and available resources.

Preconception Family History Cases: The Importance of Risk Assessment by a Genetic Counselor

The family history is an important basic component of a pre-IVF screening protocol. Genetic counselors are poised to collect the most comprehensive history from patients and guide the clinician on appropriate workup when genetic conditions are identified in a family. As with any screening program, it is best applied to all patients in the clinic in order to capture all relevant cases.

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