NRCKS Workshop Schedule

The following workshops are available only to registered learners of the new NRCKS course. NRCKS enrollees may click here to access NRCKS Workshop recordings.

October 19, 2022

Soft Skills and Difficult Conversations

Topic: Soft skills and difficult conversations
Speaker: Jennifer Wood

November 16, 2022

Professional Development: A Conversation About Career Growth and Development

Topic: Professionalism/ career checkin
Speaker: Caitlin Hebert

December 14, 2022

Navigating Difficult Conversations in Fertility Nursing

Topic: Difficult conversations
Speaker: Emily Furbish

January 18, 2023

Techniques of Selfcare, Mindfulness Review, in Relation to Caregiving in the REI Setting

Topic: Selfcare and mindfullness
Speaker: Kathy Bugge

February 15, 2023

Leadership Advice

Topic: Leadership advice
Speaker: Caitlin Hebert

March 15, 2023

Tips to Assist Patients Navigating Grief and Sadness Along the Infertility Journey

Topic: Managing grief and infertility
Speaker: Kathy Bugge

April 12, 2023

Hospital vs Clinic: Adjusting to Patient Care in the Fertility Clinic

Topic: Clinic versus hospital setting
Speaker: Jennifer Wood

May 17, 2023

Work Stress & Mental Health 

Topic: Mental health/nursing
Speaker: Emily Furbish

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