IVF Billing Globally

I am the Practice Manger of a fertility group. We have a clinic and an ambulatory surgery center. When billing a retrieval, we bill out a 58970 and 76948-26 under the physician, we bill the 89261, 89254, 89250, 89280 89272 and 89253, 89258 from our Embryology Lab with the same tax id. Our surgery center additionally bills out the facility charges, billing out 58970 and 76948-TC and is billing out the 80000 codes as well. It appears to me that the 80000 codes should either be billed by the lab with modifier -26 and the surgery center with modifier –TC or billed globally by the embryology lab. I am correct in assuming that it is duplicate billing for both the ambulatory center and embryology laboratory to bill globally?


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