Embryo Freezing/Thawing

Our question refers to the CPT code 89258 “Cryopreservation; Embryo(s)” and 89352 “Thawing of Cryopreserved; Embryo”. Our question is when we cryopreserve embryos for a patient on multiple devices (CryoLock, CryoTip, CryoLef, etc. whichever device the laboratory is using), is it appropriate to charge the patient per device using this code? We are using more than one device and also using media with the suggested protocol per device, so we would ideally like to charge for the cryopreservation of embryos per device. This question then also leads into thawing. If a patient requests to have two devices thawed for an FET (frozen embryo transfer) how can we charge per device when thawing embryos?


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