Donor Egg Infectious Disease Lab Screening

The issue we are experiencing is outside labs billing with Z11.3 are getting denials stating improper ICD-10 for the services billed. Medicare guidelines are being quoted as stating the Z11.3 is not a proper principal diagnosis code. Do you have any suggestions/feedback on an additional/alternate diagnosis code? We are having difficulty finding one that is more appropriate. Thanks so much! 138828 Donor C. Trachomatis/N.Gonorrhoeae; 138930 Donor CMV Total w/Reflex to IgM and IgG; 138699 Donor HBcAb Total; 138749 Donor HBsAg w/Reflex to confirmatory neut. Assay; 138907 Donor HCV Ab; 138931 Donor HIV-1/HIV-2 Plus O w/ Reflex to HIV-1 WB; 138780 Donor HTLV-I/II Ab w/Reflex to Immunoblot; 139240 Donor Procleix Ultrio Assay; 139280 Donor Syphillis (T-Pallidum IgG); 139486 Sperm Donor Viromed Panel.


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