Coding of transabdominal vs. transvaginal ultrasound

I recently was informed that CPT 76857 can be used for a transvaginal ultrasound when done for a follicle check by a fertility practice. I believe that CPTs 76856 and 76857 are for transabdominal ultrasounds and CPT 76830 is used for transvaginal ultrasounds. I also have been told that when the approach is not specified in a CPT code description (as is the case for CPT 76857), it is a transabdominal approach. Can you clarify whether 76830 vs 76857 should be used for a TRANSVAGINAL ultrasound for follicles? Additionally, do these ultrasounds require the same documentation requirements as all other billable ultrasounds (i.e., a documented “report” with indication, approach, findings, impression, etc., and retained images)?

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