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IVF Bid for Swedish Singles Moves Forward

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine May 22, 2015

Plans to allow single women in Sweden to have fertility treatment funded by taxpayers are expected to come into force next year. The new rules would allow the same reproductive rights to singles as women in a relationship. 

Study Says This Type of Guy Has the Healthiest Sperm

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine May 21, 2015

The research suggests that intelligence and humor are biology's way of attracting a mate. After putting 400 Vietnam War veterans through intense mental tests, the study "found that men who scored high on a battery of intelligence tests boasted high counts of healthy sperm. Whereas, low scorers tended to have fewer and more sickly sperm."

8 Surprising Facts About Male Infertility

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine May 21, 2015

From riding bikes to wearing tighty whities and, ironically, using sex toys, there are lots of rumors and myths surrounding male infertility.

Investigating the Benefits of 'Sticky Sperm' for IVF

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine May 20, 2015

Scientists from the University of Leeds are investigating whether a molecule usually found in moisturisers and skin creams could improve IVF success rates in the UK. Embryologists running a clinical trial at the University are investigating whether hyaluronic acid, normally found in beauty products which are designed to maintain elasticity in the skin and keep hair and joints hydrated, helps sperm stick to the human egg when it is released from the ovary. 

Barcode Your Egg and Sperm Cells to Avoid IVF Mix-ups

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine May 20, 2015

WHAT a mix-up. How can a couple undergoing IVF be sure that the right egg and sperm have been used? A personalised barcode for their sex cells could be the answer.

Shepherd-Sally Surrogacy agreement upheld

Legally Speaking May 19, 2015

On April 21st, a Pennsylvania trial court upheld the gestational surrogacy agreement between Sherri Shepherd, her estranged husband Lamar Sally, and gestational surrogate Jessica Bartholemew.  The couple had used donor egg and separated during the pregnancy, with Shepherd claiming the agreement was not enforceable, that she was not the biological or legal mother, and therefore had no financial or other responsibilities for the child.

Sperm Bank sued by parents of 7 year old

Legally Speaking May 19, 2015

A Canadian couple have sued their sperm donor and Xytex Sperm Bank after they learned contradictory information about the background of their 7 year old child’s sperm donor.

Virginia court rules home insemination falls outside Assisted Conception law and man declared legal father

Legally Speaking May 19, 2015

The Virginia Court of Appeals on April 21st ruled in favor of a Robert Broadwine who provided sperm to his single friend, Joyce Bruce, for artificial insemination she performed in her home with a turkey baster.

Courts Continue to Confront International Cross-Border Surrogacy Cases

Legally Speaking May 19, 2015

In the past year there has been increasing legal scrutiny of cross-border surrogacy. Australia, France, and Italy are three countries that have had highly significant cases and emerging shifts in their national policies involving international surrogacy.   

Sperm Donor Not Entitled to Notice of Married Lesbian Couple’s Co-Parent Adoption

Legally Speaking May 19, 2015

Massachusetts is once again in the forefront on same-sex marriage and parentage issues in a case clarifying the status of sperm donors whether known or anonymous.


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