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Report: It's Ethical to Test Embryos From DNA of 3 People

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine February 03, 2016

Creating babies from the DNA of three people — a man and two women — one day might prevent mothers from passing on devastating genetic diseases, and advisers to the government now say it's ethical to test the procedure under certain conditions.

Kids Preserve Fertility While Fighting Cancer

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine February 02, 2016

Leukemia patient Katie Palermo, 16 of LaGrange, opted to have an ovary stored after her doctor mentioned the possible risk from treatment.

Fertility Issues for Cancer Patients Can Also Bring Legal Headaches

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine February 02, 2016

Reproductive technology has made it easier for cancer survivors to start families despite being infertile after treatment, but some patients may still find their future parenthood plans dashed by legal complications, says a group of U.S. doctors and lawyers.

UK Scientists Gain Licence to Edit Genes in Human Embryos

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine February 01, 2016

Scientists in London have been granted permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research, UK fertility regulators announced today. The approval on 1 February by the UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) represents the world's first endorsement of such research by any national regulatory authority.

Nation’s Fertility Doctors Praise Pentagon’s Fertility Preservation Program

Press Releases January 29, 2016

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology offered praise today to Defense Secretary Ash Carter following his announcement that the Department of Defense would implement a two year pilot project to provide fertility preservation benefits to members of the Armed Services. The program will also examine ways to broaden the current, yet limited, policy providing reduced cost IVF benefits to active duty service members.

Soy May Counter BPA Effects in Women Having IVF

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2016

Soy-rich diet combats harmful chemical in those undergoing in-vitro fertilization, researchers report

To Burn Sugar or Not to Burn Sugar: How Eggs Store Fuel for Embryo Development

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2016

Reproduction is highly dependent on diet and the ability to use nutrients to grow and generate energy. This is clearly seen in women, who must provide all the nutritional building blocks required to support a growing embryo. As a result, metabolic diseases like diabetes and obesity are closely linked with several female reproductive disorders such as: Infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, and ovarian cancer. However, the precise links between reproductive processes and metabolism remains poorly understood.

Make Surrogacy Legal in New York

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2016

If you live in New York and were born without a uterus, or you may have a medical condition that makes pregnancy life-threatening, or your cancer has rendered you sterile, or you are a man with a male partner or your medical condition causes miscarriage after miscarriage, you are out of luck. New York is about the worst place for you to be. Your only hope is to build your family, at far greater expense and emotional burden, with the help of carrier in surrogacy-friendly state live Connecticut, Massachusetts, or even Georgia or Texas.

What Should Be the Fate of a Spare Frozen Embryo?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2016

There are more than 600,000 embryos frozen solid in clinics and labs across the United States, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. These excess embryos are a necessary byproduct of in vitro fertilization. For people who believe that life begins at conception, these embryos raise complex questions of logistics, priorities, and ethical consistency.

Fertility Consult in Cancer Care: Now a Routine Referral

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine January 29, 2016

Fertility care for young patients newly diagnosed with cancer should be incorporated into routine clinical practice, experts say.


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