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Male Subfertility Increases the Risk of Testicular Cancer; Semen Analysis Results Point to Different Levels of Risk

Press Releases November 23, 2015

A new study out of the University of Utah looking at the incidence of common forms of cancer in males found that subfertile men-  those who have undergone semen analysis (SA) as part of an examination for fertility-  are at greater risk of developing testicular cancer than fertile men, and that the risk varies depending on which semen quality parameters are deficient.  In contrast to previous studies on sperm quality and cancer risk, they found no increased cancer risk in men with azoospermia, a complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate.

This is why a Mouse's sperm is Longer than an Elephant's

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 20, 2015

There are competing ideas about why sperm size differs among animals. One idea holds that small animals and large animals have wildly different metabolic constraints. Small animals with high metabolisms are better able to produce new sperm cells than large animals that form new cells more slowly.

Divorced Couple's Embryos Can Be Discarded, Rules California Judge

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 20, 2015

A woman must abide by an agreement with her ex-husband to destroy five frozen embryos if they got a divorce, despite her contention that they represent her last chance to have children, a California judge ruled Wednesday.

Italian scientists Used 'chromosomally Abnormal' Embryos to Produce 6 Healthy Babies

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 20, 2015

Embryos with a mix of normal and abnormal chromosomes implanted during in vitro fertilization (IVF) can develop into healthy newborns, a small new study suggests.

Foreign Couples in Limbo After India Restricts Surrogacy Services

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 18, 2015

Gea Bassett and Doug Smith of Seattle counted on a surrogacy service in India to fulfill their years’ long desire to have a second child. Now the couple is scrambling to recover their frozen fertilized eggs from a Mumbai fertility clinic after the country’s recent move to bar foreigners from hiring surrogate mothers.

Womb Transplants – is Surrogacy Safer?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 17, 2015

The recent news that the Health Research Authority has given approval to a UK charity to conduct a clinical trial for womb transplants is seen as welcome news for women without wombs. Womb Transplant UK, led by Dr Richard Smith, a consultant gynaecologist at the Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London, has been given approval to conduct a clinical trial involving ten womb transplants.

Changes in Metabolites Can Regulate Earliest Stages of Development

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 17, 2015

Changes in cellular metabolites have been shown to regulate embryonic stem cell development at the earliest stages of life. Metabolites are simple compounds generated during life-sustaining chemical activities in cells.

Some Mothers do 'ave 'em: Mice with Two Mums Bred in China

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 17, 2015

Researchers unlock some of the mysteries of reproduction in an experiment that created healthy mouse pups from two female sources

China Exclusive: Two-child Policy Puts Pressure on Sperm Banks

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 16, 2015

China's sperm banks are already facing a dearth of donors, and a government proposal to end the country's decades-old one-child policy may put more pressure on the institutions.

Could Uterus Transplants Solve Infertility for some U.S. Women?

Headlines in Reproductive Medicine November 16, 2015

A team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic will soon begin implanting uteruses into women who were born without them.


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