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This column highlights activities submitted by ASRM Members from countries outside the United States.

FIGO Committee on Reproductive Medicine Task Force in India

ASRM International Activities May 21, 2012

The FIGO Committee on Reproductive Medicine (FIGO CRM) was established in October, 2009 under the Chairmanship of Dr. David Adamson, (USA). Other Committee members include Siladitya Bhattacharya, Co-chair (UK), John Collins (Canada), Klaus Diedrich (Germany), Silke Dyer (South Africa), Egbert te Velde (Netherlands), Christine Robinson (UK), PC Wong (Singapore) and Fernando Zegers-Hochschild (Chile). The mission of the FIGO CRM is to create access to quality reproductive medical care for women across the world. 

View point: Strategies to improve access to quality infertility care in South Africa

ASRM International Activities May 08, 2012

Infertility in South Africa is common and associated with many negative psycho-social consequences often resulting in profound suffering of those affected.  Despite this, access to quality infertility care is difficult for the majority of infertile patients living in South Africa.  Comprehensive infertility care including assisted reproductive techniques (ART) is predominantly offered through the private sector in urban centres, with very limited or no insurance benefits offered by private medical aids. These facilities are largely inaccessible to rural and poorer patients. 

Single embryo transfer is routine in Nordic countries

ASRM International Activities November 18, 2010

Single embryo transfer (SET) has become common and every day practice in all Nordic countries. The first randomized study in 2001 (HR 16:1990, 2001) and several other studies thereafter have shown the effectiveness of SET.  A recent study from Finland showed that elective SET with cryopreservation is more effective and less expensive than two embryo transfer, and the incidence of multiple births is reduced more than two-fold (HR 24:1632, 2009). 

ALMER Created to Represent Latin-American Members Individually

ASRM International Activities July 01, 2010

In October 2008, The Latin-American Federation of Societies of Fertility and Sterility (FLASEF) changed its bylaws and became the Latin-American Association of Reproductive Medicine (ALMER); being the main difference that ALMER represents Latin-American members on an individual basis (similar to ESHRE or ASRM) whereas FLASEF represented only Fertility Societies (similar to IFFS).The previous format had limitations, since several members were not represented by FLASEF because their countries did not have a fertility society, or some societies only accepted physicians as members and therefore embryologists, psychologists and other fields were not represented.

The Present Status of Assisted Reproduction in Japan

ASRM International Activities May 18, 2010

The first IVF baby was born in Japan in 1983. The number of infants born as a result of assisted reproductive technology (ART) has increased every year ever since. In 2007, the total number of infants born as a result of ART was reported to be 19,595, close to 2% of all births.


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