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ALMER Created to Represent Latin-American Members Individually

July 1 , 2010
by: Dr. Claudio Chillik, Presidente ALMER, Asociación LatinoAmericana de Medicina Reproductiva

In October 2008, the Latin-American Federation of Societies of Fertility and Sterility (FLASEF) changed its bylaws and became the Latin-American Association of Reproductive Medicine (ALMER); being the main difference that ALMER represents Latin-American members on an individual basis (similar to ESHRE or ASRM) whereas FLASEF represented only Fertility Societies (similar to IFFS).The previous format had limitations, since several members were not represented by FLASEF because their countries did not have a fertility society, or some societies only accepted physicians as members and therefore embryologists, psychologists and other fields were not represented.

Since its creation, ALMER has organized several regional scientific meetings, some of them in collaboration with other scientific societies, such as the one with ASRM in Foz de Iguazu, Brazil (June 2009), or the one to be held in collaboration with the Spanish Fertility Society in IFFS (September 2010), as well as meetings in several Latin American countries.

ALMER maintains a productive relationship with ASRM, and holds an annual interactive session, like the one planned for ASRM’s Annual Meeting in Denver in October 2010 on “Clinical Challenges in the Controlled Ovarian Stimulation in Poor and High Responders” chaired by Dr. Carlos Sueldo.

ALMER will hold its next Congress in Bogota, Colombia on September 26-28, 2010. This Congress will be a great opportunity for all fertility practitioners and embryologists from Latin America to interact with renowned guest speakers from Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America. The next Congress will be in Santiago, Chile in 2012.
ALMER’s main goal is to share knowledge and expertise between Latin American physicians, embryologists, psychologists and any other professionals, whose work relates to reproductive medicine, including the large number of Latin American professionals living in the USA. 


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