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Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun)

May 14 , 2010
by: FDA
Published in FDA MedSun website

The FDA Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun) is designed to improve the understanding of medical device use so that the FDA, healthcare facilities, clinicians, and manufacturers can better address safety concerns. Over 350 health care facilities, primarily hospitals, participate in the MedSun network. Trained MedSun representatives from these sites come from Risk Management, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Biomedical/Clinical Engineering, Physicians and Nurses, Materials Management, and Surgical Services. The MedSun website has medical device and patient safety information as well as a monthly newsletter.

This Web page contains links to miscellaneous U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announcements that ASRM felt were relevant enough to archive on the ASRM Web Site. You can visit the FDA's web site at 


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