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Surrogacy Ban Debated in Kansas Legislature

January 30 , 2014
by: ASRM Office of Public Affairs
Published in ASRM Bulletin Volume 16, Number 7

At a hearing before a committee of the Kansas Senate yesterday, a bill was debated that would ban surrogacy contracts and impose criminal penalties against “any person or entity who or which is involved in, or induces, arranges or otherwise assists in the formation of a surrogate contract for a fee, compensation or other renumeration.” The legislation, SB 302, is sponsored by Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook, who chairs the Senate’s Public Health and Welfare Committee.
ASRM member Dr. David Grainger, of the Center of Reproductive Medicine, testified against the bill, along with a sizable number of opponents. Supporting the bill was a representative of the Kansas Catholic Conference and two women who have been testifying around the country about what they consider to be the exploitative nature of surrogacy contracts and third party reproduction.  One of those women is filmmaker Jennifer Lahl who has recently produced an anti-gestational carrier film titled "Breeders" that she plans to screen at churches and religious colleges across the country. 
While the leadership of the Kansas legislature has expressed concern about the legislation and the tactics of its sponsor, we do encourage you to watch the video from the hearing to learn what is being said by those who are working to eliminate surrogacy as a family building option. Thank you to Dr. Grainger for advocating on behalf of the infertility community.

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