NIH Seeking Feedback on NIH-Wide Strategic Plan

NIH has requested public input on a framework for the 2021-2025 NIH-Wide Strategic Plan, which will build on the earlier NIH-Wide Strategic Plan to guide NIH’s research efforts over the next five years. We encourage members to submit comments, which are due March 25, on the RFI submission site, and ask that you bring to ASRM’s timely attention any matters you deem of critical importance for our awareness as we prepare our own comments.

President’s FY 2021 Budget Proposes $38.7B for NIH; ASRM Joins 300+ organizations in Supporting Ad Hoc Medical Research Group’s Recommendation of $44.7B for NIH

The president’s FY 2021 budget request, released February 10, proposes a $3 billion, or 7.2%, cut to NIH. ASRM has joined other leading national, state and local organizations on a letter urging Congress to reject this proposal, which, as the Ad Hoc Group states in a related press release, would “devastate the agency’s ability to pursue promising new science to improve and save lives.” The Ad Hoc group’s FY 2021 recommendation of $44.7 billion for NIH (a $3 billion increase over the comparable FY 2020 level) is supported by more than 330 organizations and institutions across the medical research advocacy community.

ASRM Joins Amicus Brief Opposing Harmful Ohio Law

This week, ASRM issued the following press release regarding an amicus brief we have joined:

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the global leader in multidisciplinary reproductive medical research, ethical practice, and education, has joined other leading national medical and public health organizations including AMA and ACOG, on an amicus brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in the case of Preterm-Cleveland, et al. v. Amy Acton, et al.

Preterm-Cleveland focuses on a highly controversial 2017 Ohio law that bans abortion after a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Next month, Department of Justice attorneys will defend the constitutionality of the law before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

In the brief, filed February 19th, we argue that the Ohio law is an unconstitutional ban which endangers the physical and psychological health of women and undermines and intrudes upon the patient-physician relationship absent a justifiable health concern. Moreover, as the brief explains, the statute has the potential to disincentivize physicians from recommending or performing prenatal testing, a vital medical tool, and runs counter to long-established and widely accepted principles of medical ethics. ASRM will continue to actively monitor this case’s progress.

ASRM President Catherine Racowsky, PhD said, “We remain committed to protecting access to all forms of reproductive healthcare and oppose policies that might decrease patient safety and make it more difficult for patients to receive the care they need and deserve. We are asking the Court to reject laws that violate the ethical principle of respect for patient autonomy and place physicians in the ethical dilemma of choosing between providing the best available medical care and risking their own careers and livelihoods.”

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