ASRM’s Fertility and Sterility Publishes Series of Articles on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Reproductive Medicine

(Washington, DC) – Fertility and Sterility, the journal from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), has published a series of articles highlighting the racial and ethnic disparities present in reproductive medicine. This series consists of the five articles below.

  • “Recognizing racial and ethnic disparities in women’s reproductive health is not enough” authored by Samantha Butts and Anuja Dokras
  • “Racial and ethnic disparities in assisted reproductive technology: a systematic review” authored by Jamie M. Merkison, Anisha R. Chada, Audrey M. Marsidi, and Jessica B. Spencer
  • “Racial and ethnic disparities in polycystic ovary syndrome” authored by Katherine VanHise, Erica T. Wang, Keith Norris, Ricardo Azziz, Margareta D. Pisarska, and Jessica L. Chan
  • “Racial disparities in uterine fibroids and endometriosis: a systematic review and application of social, structural, and political context” authored by Jodie G. Katon, Torie C. Plowden, and Erica E. Marsh
  • “Racial and ethnic disparities in women’s mental health: a narrative synthesis of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of the US-based samples” authored by Phoutdavone Phimphasone-Brady, Chloe E. Page, Diab A. Ali, Heinrich C. Haller, and Korrina A. Duffy

“What these reports show is that we still have a lot of room for improvement in patient care and treatment of reproductive issues. Being able to recognize racial and ethnic disparities in the field of reproductive medicine will save lives and it is imperative that reports like these are published.”
– Michael Thomas, MD, ASRM President.

These articles will be available online until Tuesday, 3/21/23 [at this link]. To view the articles after 3/21/23 please reach out to the ASRM Public Affairs office at

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