ASRM Launches New Patient Advocacy Grant Program

As part of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW), The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) announced today, a new $150,000 competitive grant program to be awarded to patient advocacy organizations to support advocacy efforts and educational programs for patients and communities impacted by reproductive issues.

The Patient Advocacy Grants Program aligns with ASRM’s strategic plan as well as the goals of ASRM DEI Committee, as the program will extend ASRM’s communications and advocacy efforts to a greater number of diverse patient-focused organizations allowing for prioritization of funding areas, including but not limited to DEI and access to care.

Organizations interested in applying for the Patient Advocacy Grant Program should check the ASRM website in the coming weeks or can reach out to for more information.

“National Infertility Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity for us to announce this important new initiative to expand ASRM’s patient programming,” says ASRM Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jared Robins.

“ASRM continues to effectively use the expertise and power of its members to leverage science, educate the public, and advocate for national and international policies that advance the science and clinical practice, and expand access to reproductive care by addressing social, cultural, demographic, and economic barriers. Our goal is to eventually eliminate health disparities in access and outcomes to reproductive care. This program puts us one step closer,” says Dr. Michael Thomas, ASRM President Elect.

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