ASRM Issues Statement Regarding Revising and Strengthening Policies on Interactions with Other Organizations

Dear ASRM Members,

ASRM is working to revise and strengthen our policies on interactions with other organizations in our community. We have valued and will continue to value our interactions with other non-profit scientific groups, patient and disease-based advocacy groups, companies who supply needed products to our members and their patients, and other commercial entities. When working with other organizations, it is vital we have clear guard rails in place to ensure transparency, keep boundaries clear, and provide clear expectations to protect all parties.

To this end, the ASRM Board of Directors will be developing a new set of policies regarding our interactions with other organizations. These policies will include conflict of interest disclosure and resolution, use of logos and personnel, and other matters to guide future partnerships.

Dr. Marcelle Cedars
ASRM President

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