ASRM Today: Industry Sponsored Episode: IVF Conversion Made Easy with AI/ML platform for Patient Counseling, with Dr. Mylene Yao of Univfy

Univfy uses AI/ML to support fertility centers in improving IVF conversion, growth, and patients’ experience. Visit us to learn how:

In this episode, Dr. Mylene Yao, CEO and Cofounder of Univfy, joins us to discuss how AI and machine learning are changing the game for fertility care. Univfy is an AI/machine learning platform that supports provider-patient counseling at key decision points in a patient’s treatment path. We dive into the science and technology behind Univfy and how it’s being used in fertility centers across the US, Canada, EU, and, soon, the UK. With the Univfy PreIVF Report, Dr. Yao and her team are making fertility care more accessible and treatments more successful for patients. We explore the different types of AI in healthcare, how providers can use the technology, and how Univfy is providing cost-savings and improving revenue for fertility centers. Tune in to learn more about Univfy's technology, its clinical impact, and how it's revolutionizing the field of fertility care. Tune in now!

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