The Red Journal Goes Green

For the past several years, ASRM has been working to reduce its environmental footprint by digitizing letters, membership materials, and meeting materials that are easily distributed and viewed online. Because these efforts have been so well-received by members, we are moving on to the next phase.

The next significant step in our evolution to a “green” society is moving away from printed copies of Fertility and Sterility, which can be accessed online. 

Effective January 1, 2021, all of ASRM’s base membership products will include online-only access to Fertility and Sterility, F&S Science, F&S Reviews, F&S Reports, and the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (JARG). If you are a doctoral member and your membership cycle began prior 1/1/21, you will continue to receive the print journal subscription until your membership renews again.

Not ready to let go of the print journal? We understand. Members who want to continue to receive a print subscription to Fertility and Sterility may purchase an upgraded membership that includes the subscription for an additional cost. As a member of ASRM, your subscription price is still much lower than a subscription directly from the publisher.

And remember, Fertility and Sterility is not just a journal! As an ASRM member and subscriber, you also have access to modern and interactive F&S content, including Journal Club Global, Fertility and Sterility Dialog, archived issues, video reports, and webinars.

As a member, we thank you for your willingness to grow and evolve with ASRM as a society. We hope to offer you many more valuable, accessible, and socially responsible member benefits in the coming year. For more information, click here or contact

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