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Use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to Develop Personalized Approaches to Improve Reproductive Health Outcomes

On-Demand beginning Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 10:00 am – 5:20 pm (EST)

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You will NOT be able to access this meeting via the ASRM On-Demand Congress website. View the schedule for the meeting here.

The NICHD-ASRM Joint Meeting will be available online and hosted by NICHD. Registrants will receive a link and instructions to join the event.

Despite significant advances in live birth success rates using various forms of ART over the past few decades, further improvements may require the integration and mining of large datasets acquired through omics technologies to generate predictive algorithms. The purpose of this meeting is to present the current state of knowledge relative to the application of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) and precision medicine approaches to the practice of medicine with the goal of informing attendees on how to use AI/ML to develop personalized approaches to improve outcomes of infertile couples. While there is some activity which demonstrates the potential usefulness of AI/ML approaches to improve IVF success, greater emphasis is needed to apply and integrate AI and precision medicine to develop more effective strategies for improving outcomes of all patients seeking fertility treatments. The meeting sessions will focus on the use of AI/ML in other medical fields, AI/ML approaches to improve IVF outcomes, and 3) AI/ML, precision medicine and the future of reproductive medical practice. The sessions will be complemented by Keynote and Special Lectures.

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