Today is ASRM’s Giving Day!

Imagine a world where everyone that wants to start a family has access to all the resources needed to do so. Imagine a world where the gap in disparities for reproductive care doesn’t exist. Imagine a world where there are no barriers to receiving reproductive care, a world where all genders, races, socio economic levels, and ages receive the care they need no matter their circumstances. The ASRM Research Institute is committed to funding research that will address these topics. That is why today, Giving Day 2022, we have set a goal to raise $30,000 in 24 hours to support access to care research. YOUR gift on Giving Day will fund the research needed to better understand access to care barriers and how to overcome them so that everyone who wants to have a family can.

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Dr. Gloria Richard-Davis
    “In order for us to conduct access to care research, we as members of ASRM need to donate. For ASRM to have the impact that is needed. It’s up to us to have the commitment and compassion to donate to help further the mission.”    


Thanks to The Prelude Network, the first $15,000 donated on Giving Day will be matched. Give now and have 2x the impact!

Text ASRM2022 to 41444 to make a donation on Giving Day 2022

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