ASRM Coding Committee Weighs in on Telehealth

Dear ASRM Members:

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed daily life and medical practice in unimaginable ways. To attempt to control the spread of this virus, in-person medical care has become limited, based on medical necessity. This abrupt and necessary change in medical practice impacts the reproductive medicine community – where face-to-face conversations and frequent monitoring of fertility treatment cycles is the norm.

As office visits are transitioned to telehealth, the ASRM Coding Committee wants to provide as much support as possible to ASRM members. ACOG recently created, Managing Patients Remotely: Billing for Digital and Telehealth Services, a guide to telehealth – and generously allowed us to make this resource available to ASRM members. Also available is the ACOG Committee Opinion: Implementing Telehealth in Practice.

Additional resources on telehealth, coding and reimbursement also are available from the AMA.

Please reach out to the Committee with any questions.


Wishing everyone health and safety,

The ASRM Coding Committee

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