Trigger Law Statutory Cite(s)

Does this law have a potential impact on IVF/Reproductive medicine?

Why or why not?

  • Seemingly no impact on IVF or other ART procedures.
  • Abortion only refers to an action on a pregnant woman and there are no restrictions that apply outside the context of abortion.

Does this law explicitly reference IVF, assisted reproductive technology or reproductive medicine?

There are no explicit references to IVF or reproductive medicine services in the trigger law.

Are there any penalties in this law that could apply to ART procedures?


Relevant definitions

  • Abortion” means the use or prescription of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance or device to terminate the pregnancy of a woman known to be pregnant with an intention other than to increase the probability of a live birth, to preserve the life or health of the child after live birth, or to remove a dead fetus. 

Do the definitions/terms of the trigger law apply to other areas of state code?

The law does not explicitly reference or apply to other areas of the state code. 

What is the “trigger” for this law to take effect?

Trigger law takes effect:
  • From and after 10 days following the date of publication by the Attorney General of Mississippi that the Attorney General has determined that the U.S. Supreme Court has overruled Roe v. Wade, and that it is reasonably probable that this section would be upheld by the Court as constitutional.

Key provisions: What does the law prohibit and when does it apply?

  • No abortion shall be performed or induced in Mississippi, except where necessary for the preservation of the mother’s life or where the pregnancy was caused by rape.
  • Rape shall be an exception only if a formal charge has been filed with an appropriate law enforcement official.  

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