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Volunteer Spotlight, Brooke Rossi, MD

Date: August 28, 2023

Author: ASRM

Dr. Rossi's venture into volunteering with ASRM has opened doors to a network of healthcare providers across the nation, broadening her horizons in unexpected ways. The journey began when her mentor suggested she join an ASRM committee focusing on enhancing the SART website. From that point on, a series of rewarding experiences followed.

One standout for Dr. Rossi was her involvement in the SART podcast. Crafting episodes that brought value to patients was fulfilling and fun. Once, she even orchestrated an engaging game at the ASRM booth during Congress, allowing her to connect with attendees face-to-face. 

Despite her already demanding schedule, Dr. Rossi masterfully carves out time for volunteering. Whether it's a weekend or a portion of her administrative hours, she dedicates these moments to honor her commitments. The true beauty of this collaborative effort lies in its shared nature; tasks are accomplished as a team, lessening the load for everyone involved. 

Dr. Rossi's wisdom for those contemplating volunteering is simple: just go in with an open mind. She vividly remembers tackling an unfamiliar practice guideline and collaborating with new colleagues to expand her own knowledge in the process. Her story underscores the significance of every perspective, regardless of experience. It's reassuring to realize that everyone is in the same boat, endeavoring to balance work and volunteerism. So, why not take the leap? 

If the prospect of volunteering with ASRM resonates with you, there's a place for your contribution. Dive into more details here and become part of a dynamic community dedicated to making a difference.