Ragaa T. Mansour, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Ragaa MansourRagaa Mansour, MD, PhD was a Founder and Director of the Egyptian IVF Center in Cairo, Egypt. With almost 200 publications and innumerable presentations, she was a reproductive endocrinologist and researcher of international standing. Dr. Mansour was a recognized teacher and role model at home and at many regional and global meetings. She was a pioneer and leader in her clinic, country, region and internationally. Ragaa was also recognized as an outstanding clinician, highly esteemed by her colleagues and patients alike.

Dr. Mansour founded and led the Egyptian IVF Registry, the first registry of its kind in Africa. Subsequently, she joined the ICMART Board 20 years ago and ever since has been a major contributor of data, author on our publications and insightful thinker. She contributed much to our work. Her gentle demeanor and intelligent approach will be greatly missed. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her.

Dr. Mansour was recognized for her many contributions to our field with numerous awards, including the National Excellency Award in Reproductive Technology in Egypt in 2005 and the “Scopus prize” for scientific publication in 2009. In addition to her medical accomplishments, Ragaa had great talent as a painter, participating in many art exhibitions.

--Dr. David Adamson, Chair of ICMART

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