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Endometriosis Special Interest Group (EndoSIG)

EndoSIG’s Mission Statement:

The mission of the Endometriosis Special Interest Group (EndoSIG) is to further the goals of the ASRM by fostering increased interest in the biology, pathophysiology and clinical management of endometriosis. We also aim to increase awareness of endometriosis as a chronic, systemic disease with multifactorial effects throughout the body, extending beyond the pelvis. Doing so will facilitate clinical diagnosis and allow for more comprehensive treatment. We are committed to increasing knowledge in this area through research and education of physicians, nurses, embryologists, epidemiologists and scientists as well as other allied health professionals. Our ultimate objectives are to improve patient care; provide a forum for networking, exchange of ideas and mentoring of young members; and promote the highest standards of ethical and critical investigation.


2023-2024 Endometirosis Special Interest Group Leadership:

Chair: Dr. Valeria Flores

Chair Elect: Dr. Simone Ferrero

Vice Chair: Dr. Michael Neblett

Immediate Past Chair: Dr. Sawsan As-Sanie

Past Chair: Dr. Kaylon Bruner-Tran


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Fertility and Sterility On Air - TOC: May 2024

Topics this month include Iatrogenic and demographic determinants of the national plural birth increase, outcomes between ICSI and IVF with PGT-A. Listen to the Episode
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Jun 27, 2024, 4:00PM CT - Screening for Endometriosis with TVUS: game-changing consensus guidelines for fertility

Endometriosis is one of the leading causes of infertility, however, screening and early detection has been historically limited.

Register For The Webinar
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What's New from the Fertility and Sterility Family of Journals

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What's New from the Fertility and Sterility Family of Journals

Here’s a peek at this month’s issues from our family of journals! As an ASRM Member, you can access all of our journals.
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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month! We've combed our resources and compiled a list of our Practice Documents, Patient Fact Sheets, and more on endometriosis. View endometriosis resources
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Journal Club Global: Actualidad En Tratamientos De Fertilidad Para Pacientes Con Endometriosis

Live in Spanish from the 2024 Peruvian Fertility Society Meeting - Lima, Peru View the Video
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Exclusion of IVF services due to Z31.83

My wife and I have been seeking IVF treatment and this year coverage was added to my benefits for infertility treatment (up to $25,000). View the Answer
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Coding for aspiration of hydrosalpinx and endometrioma

Surgery was performed under anesthesia for Aspiration of right hydrosalpinx fluid and right endometrioma. Which CPT code would be best to use? View the Answer
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IVF coverage denied for Z31.83 diagnosis code

My wife and I have been seeking IVF treatment and coverage was added for infertility treatment (up to $25,000) but our insurer keeps denying it. View the Answer
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Endometriosis and infertility: a committee opinion (2012)

Women with endometriosis typically present with pelvic pain, infertility, or an adnexal mass, and may require surgery. View the Committee Opinion
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Medication Administration

 Is CPT code 96402 applicable to a Depo-Lupron or Zoladex injection by nurse at REI practice, even if there is no diagnosis of cancer?  View the Answer
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Endometriosis and Infertility

For treatment like IVF would we bill with N97.x first or an endometriosis diagnosis? View the Answer
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Excision Ovarian Endometrioma

What code is used for a laparoscopic excision of endometriosis and an ovarian excision of endometrioma with bilateral ureterolysis is performed. View the Answer
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A summary of common codes for Endometriosis compiled by the ASRM Coding Committee View the Coding Summary
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Drs. Camran, Farr, and Ceana Nezhat Travel Scholar Award for Endometriosis

The objective of this award is to provide any trainee whose abstract submission focuses on endometriosis to expand their experience in the field. View the Award Information
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Journal Club Global: Surgical management of endometriosis in women diagnosed with infertility (Spanish language)

Fertility and Sterility is excited to partner with our global professional colleagues to begin broadcasting regular Journal Club Global events in Spanish.
View the Video
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Journal Club Global: Non-invasive Diagnosis of Endometriosis

One of the most exciting developments in the field of endometriosis is the push towards earlier and less invasive approaches to diagnosis. View the Video
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Journal Club Global - Does the Endometrium Play a Major Role in Endometriosis-Associated Infertility

This will be a virtual event in the style of the "Fertile Battle" debate that took place at the 2019 SREI Fellows Symposium View the Video
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Feb 2023: New Endometriosis and Isthmocele Codes

On June 9, 2022 the CDC issued updates to the ICD-10-CM code set reflecting more than 1,400 changes to your diagnosis coding options. View the Letter
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Best practices of ASRM and ESHRE: a journey through reproductive medicine (2012)

ASRM and ESHRE are the two largest societies in the world whose members comprise the major experts and professionals working in reproductive medicine. View the Committee Joint Guideline