MHPG Message from the Chair

Dear MHPG members,

It was wonderful seeing so many of you in Baltimore at the annual ASRM conference. Each year I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones within the MHPG. For those of you who were at the annual conference, you may have heard me talk about my goals as Chair. I said that my goals were related to increasing our financial support from partners (“money”), improving the visibility of MHPG members and increasing and maintaining our membership (“membership”), and because I needed a third “m”…”mayhem” (meaning shaking up whatever I could within ASRM to strengthen or increase our conference/education-related opportunities and status within ASRM).

First, as you are likely aware, it is a costly endeavor to put on our program at the annual conference. In addition we work to raise funds to maintain our website and for other administrative needs. I am grateful that all of the Chairs before me forged and maintained excellent relationships with our financial sponsors. My job as a fundraiser is much easier because of those who came before me. My goal is to work to also forge new relationships and maintain old ones so that the MHPG remains financially sound.

Second, I realized over the course of my time in the MHPG that many of us only get to see each other once a year and that it may be difficult for us to connect with each other if we do not remember each other’s names or faces. I wondered if there could be ways that the MHPG can work to make our members more visible to each other and to ASRM members broadly at the annual conference. One of the ideas that came to fruition was the MHPG blue buttons we handed out at the conference. We hope that you will wear these not only at each conference but also within your clinics and at other educational events in which you interact. These buttons reflect a way to make us visible to each other and to those around us. We are also working to have “MHPG” ribbons added to the bottom of our ASRM conference badges as another point of visibility at the conference. Outside of the conference, Anne Malave has worked tirelessly to update the MHPG Membership directory to now include photos so that we now don’t have to go a year without seeing each other’s smiling faces.

Our efforts to maintain our membership includes our focus on providing benefits to our members such as offering educational opportunities for continuing education credits both within and outside the annual conference. We also are continuing to work on the creation of multiple ASRM eLearn modules which will also offer CEs. In addition, we are working to create 3 new committees (Social Media Committee, Certificate Course Committee, and Social Work CE Committee), each of which has a networking/marketing component intended to encourage non-members to join the ASRM and MHPG. Further, the Social Work CE committee is intended to ensure that the needs of our social work members are being met.

Finally, we come to “mayhem”. My goal in this area is to work to positively change the way the MHPG is integrated within ASRM so that our needs are appropriately reflected in the interprofessional model of ASRM. With that in mind, it is my hope that we can strengthen bonds within the ASRM and increase our presence in leadership roles that will foster additional educational opportunities, integration within clinics, and reinforce our role as respected and indispensable reproductive medicine team members and colleagues.

With that in mind, I am happy to let you know that we already have an exciting program planned for the 2016 ASRM conference in Salt Lake City, UT.  It is my home town and I hope to see many of you there! 







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