Cycle Cancellation

The IVF cycle can be cancelled if the physician feels the cycle is not optimal for the best outcome.  Some specific criteria may be:

  1. Abnormal screening hormonal levels indicating a low ovarian response – potential for few eggs
  2. Poor ovarian stimulation evident by few follicles growing or low estradiol levels – potential for few eggs
  3. Premature ovulation evident by an LH surge or lost follicle prior to retrieval 
  4. No oocytes upon retrieval
  5. Too robust of an ovarian response that may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
  6. No embryo development for transfer
  7. Failed fertilization
  8. Abnormal uterine lining

SART members report cancelled cycles to SART. Both SART statistics "Percentage of Cycles Resulting in Pregnancy" and "Percentage of Cycles Resulting in Live Birth" are negatively affected by cancelled cycles as these two measurements are based on the number of initiated cycles.

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