2020-25 Strategic Plan Participants

  • Alan Penzias, MD
  • Peter Schlegel, MD
  • Jim Segars, MD
  • Lee Rubin Collins, JD
  • Paul Lin, BA, MD
  • Ranjith Ramasamy, MD
  • Samantha Butts, MD
  • Lauren Berman, PhD
  • Meike Uhler, MD
  • Vickie Gamble, MPPM
  • Rusty Howell
  • Sigal Klipstein, MD
  • Hugh Taylor, MD
  • Christos Coutifaris, MD, PhD
  • Clarisa Gracia, MD, MSCE
  • Peter Chan, MD
  • Ann Davis, MD
  • Rick Paulson, MD
  • Colin Thomas, BS, MHA
  • Nam Tran, MD, PhD
  • Dan Carre, CPA
  • Julie Beckham
  • Amy Sparks, PhD
  • Bob Brannigan, MD
  • Marcelle Cedars, MD
  • Michael Thomas, MD
  • Charlie Bormann, PhD
  • Natan Bar-Chama, MD
  • Kristin Bendikson, MD
  • Eleanor Stevenson, RN, PhD
  • Daniel Williams, MD
  • Chevis Shannon, DrPH, MBA, MPH, MERC
  • Emily Mounts, MS
  • Catherine Racowsky, PhD
  • Jim Toner, MD, PhD
  • Samantha Pfeifer, MD
  • Steven Lindheim, MD
  • Eve Feinberg, MD
  • Craig Niederberger, MD
  • Dan Kaser, MD
  • G. David Ball, PhD
  • Sean Tipton, MA

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