2020-25 Strategic Planning Process Steps

  • Process began in the fall of 2019

  • Westman & Associates (W&A) Consulting, LLC hired to manage process and moderate retreat

  • Action steps undertaken by W&A, with assistance from our staff:
    • Step 1 – Gathered documentation

    • Step 2 – Performed Strategic Program Analysis (SPA), assessing current and potential Products, Programs, and Services regarding their Attractiveness, Capabilities, and Competitive Position

    • Step 3 – Conducted 35 Individual Interviews with selected ASRM member and staff leaders

    • Step 4 – Developed and administered Future Focus survey to 435 selected ASRM stakeholders, with 209 respondents to the survey

    • Step 5 – Administered the Future Trends survey assessing the relevance of 50 trends identified by the ASAE as potentially impacting professional societies to selected ASRM member leaders, with ~40 respondents

    • Step 6 – Developed and administered the Values survey, and updated Mission and Vision statements, with entire Board plus some 12 select younger members

    • Step 7 – Drafted three Possible Scenarios that the Society may encounter 3 years into the Strategic Plan implementation process

    • Step 8 – 3-day Strategic Planning Retreat (44 participants excluding scribes)

    • Step 9 – Prepared Strategic Planning Retreat Results - Summary Report

    • Step 10 – Goals & Strategies (aka, strategic directions & high-level tactic, respectively) collated by staff, shared with retreat participants, then members

    • Step 11 – Specific tactics, timeline and milestones drafted by staff for Board consideration in an iterative process over the remainder of the year

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