ASRM Committees

Coding Committee

This committee develops resources for reproductive medicine and coding professionals to aid with reimbursement and correct coding of procedures. Key programs: Post graduate course, Coding Corner questions, online learning.
Silvina Bocca, MD, PhD 
John Queenan, MD 
George A. Hill, MD 
R. Matt Coward, MD 
Melanie Clemmer, PhD 
Bryan Hecht, MD 
Colin Thomas, MHA 
Mindy Christianson, MD 
Kenan Omurtag, MD
Ali Ahmady, PhD

Continuing Medical Education Committee

This committee promotes increased competency and enhanced professional performance for the various types of ASRM members through credentialed medical education in compliance with the ACCME. Key programs: online learning, certificate courses.
Edward Kim, MD
Stephanie Estes, MD
Lawrence Jenkins, MD 
Mark Trolice, MD 
Eric Widra, MD
Arthur Chang, PhD 
Benjie Mills, MD
Ruben Alvero, MD 
Sam Butts, MD, MSCE 

Development Committee

This committee assists the ASRM Board of Directors, Executive Director, and ASRM Fund Development Director in fundraising efforts by ensuring that fundraising goals are met through their active participation in identifying and soliciting private support (individuals, foundations, and corporations), cultivating new donors, and stewarding current donors.
Samantha Pfiefer, MD
Peter Schlegel, MD

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

This committee promotes a culture of continued and unambiguous commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within ASRM, the comprehensive professional education program of ASRM, and the medical community by ensuring that all ASRM policies, documents, educational materials, and programming address the health disparities in the field of reproductive medicine and guarantee the inclusivity of all patients and professionals.
Gloria Ricahrd-Davis, MD, MBA
Kim Thornton, MD
Mikesha Middlebrook, RN, BSN
Tia Jackson-Bey, MD, MPH
Camille Hammond, MD
Breonna Slocum, MD
Jeanetta Darno, SPHR, GPCC
Mark Leondires, MD
Michael Simoni, MD
Morine Cebert Gaitors, PhD, FNP-C
Denise Asafu-Adjei, MD, MPH
Torie Plowden, MD, MPH
Ruben Alvero, MD
Christopher Herndon, MD
T. Arthur Chang, PhD
Michael Thomas, MD 

Education Committee

This committee develops, coordinates, implements, and promotes educational activities for learners across the field of reproductive medicine at all levels of practice. Key programs: QBoost, Resident Education Program.
Heather Hipp, MD 
Ranjith Ramasamy, MD 
Rani Fritz, MD
Heather Burks 
Divya Shah, MD, MEd
Winifred Mak, MD, PhD 
Holly Mehr, MD, MSEd 
Zachary Walker, MD 
Daniel Miranian, MD
Gina Londre, MS, ECG
Mark Schiff, MD 
Christina Hubbell, CSS 
Chris Herndon, MD
Kathleen O'Neill, MD
Alex Quaas, PhD
David Shin, MD
Dara Berger, PhD 

Ethics Committee

This committee considers and develops documents regarding ethical issues that are relevant and important to reproductive health and medicine, the community of patients and reproductive health professionals as a whole. Key work: Ethics opinion documents and consulting on derivative materials.
Sigal Klipstein, MD
Deborah Anderson
Tolulope Bakare, MD
Katherine Cameron, MD
Susan Crockin, JD
Ruth Farrell, MD
Catherine Hammack, JD, MA
Mandy Katz-Jaffe, PhD
Jennifer Kawwass, MD
Edward Martinez, MD
Joshua Morris, MD
Gwendolyn Quinn, MD
Julianne Zweifel, PhD
Kavita Arora, MD, MBE, MS
Robert Rebar, MD
Marcelle Cedars, MD

Global Health Committee

This committee promotes educational and advocacy opportunities for the ASRM and supports the development of resource sharing opportunities/initiatives with other global health institutes and organizations.
Angela Lawson, PhD
Eleanor Stevenson, PhD, RN
Connor Harrity, MD
David Adamson, MD
Sheryl van der Poel, PhD
Rushita Vaghasiya, PhD
Jacqueline Lee, MD
Alfred Murgate, MD 

Membership Committee

This committee supports the work of the Member Services Department by assisting in the development of membership initiatives and volunteering for membership-related programs. By identifying gaps in service and serving as a multi-disciplinary sounding board, the Membership Committee represents the needs of the ASRM membership as a whole.
T Arthur Chang, PhD
Akanksha Mehta, MD
Sheela (Sadruddin) Ali, PhD
Angela Lawson, PHD
Tamara Tobias, ARNP, WHNP-BC
Mohamed Bedaiwy, MD, PhD
Sharon Anderson, PhD
John Csockmay, MD
Victoria Snegoviskikh, MD
Heather Ross, JD
Danielle Soltesz, MBA, MPH
Amy Jordan

Mentorship Committee

This committee supports the development of an organized network of reproductive health mentors across the career lifespan to mentor identified mentees in career development and professional growth to increase collaboration and communication through expanding networks and sharing knowledge.
Paula Amato, MD

Patient Education Committee

This committee develops and facilitates education for patients and the lay public. Key resources:, videos, factsheets, booklets, FAQ landing pages, infographics.
Jessica Spencer, MD, MSc
Navid Esfandiari, PhD
Jennifer Knudtson, MD
Elizabeth Pritts, MD
Daniel Grow, MD
Jared Bieniek, MD
Nisha Mathew, MS, LGCG
Piave Lake, MD
Molly Spika
Mary Dolans
Alan Campbell
Kristen Ritchie
Amanda Adeleye, MD
Erin Donnelly, PsyD, MEd

Practice Committee

This committee promotes a culture of evidence-based practice within ASRM and the medical community by developing clinical practice guidelines, guidance, and committee opinions, that are evidenced-based, centered on issues impacting professional practice in the area of reproductive medicine. Key work: Guideline, guidance, and committee opinion documents; consulting on derivative materials.
Clarisa Gracia, MD, MSCE
Sangita Jindal, PhD
Micah Hill, D.O.
Cigdem "Cori" Tanrikut, MD
Rebecca Flyckt, MD
Tarun Jain, MD
Jake Anderson
Karl Hansen, MD, PhD
Anne Steiner, MD, M.P.H.
Bruce Pier, MD
Belinda Yauger, MD
Suleena Kalra, MD
Richard Reindollar, MD
Paula Amato, MD

Technology Committee

This committee assesses the potential effectiveness and feasibility of new technologies to improve the ability of the Society to accomplish its mission and strategic objectives.
Lowell Ku, MD
John Preston Parry, MD
Carli Chapman, BS
Daniel Martin, MD
Michelle Cho, MD
Daniella Gilboa, MSc
Amy Wainright, PharmD
Serena Chen, MD
James Hotaling, MD
Bruce Pier, MD
Alejandro Chavez-Badiola, MD

Video Committee

This committee reviews and grades video abstracts submitted for the Congress.
Michael Eisenberg, MD
Victor Beshay, MD
Bala Bhagavath, MD
Tien-Cheng Chang, PhD
James Hotaling, MD, MS
Kathleen Hwang, MD
Anthony Imudia, MD
Edward Kim, MD
Philip S. Li, MD
Steven R. Lindheim, MD
Marius Meintjes, DVM, PhD
Charles Miller, MD
Ceana Nezhat, MD
John Nichols, Jr, MD
John Petrozza, MD
Marc P. Portmann, MT
Salli Tazuke, MD
Mark Trolice, MD
Togas Tulandi, MD

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